About Us


We are four hobby farmers who love growing edibles at home. Just about half a year ago, we became fascinated by the idea of barter trade of homegrown foods. This idea stemmed from our homegrown problem which is excess harvests of single crop. If you ever grown sweet potatoes leaves in your balcony, you will realise they grow very fast and abundant. Honestly speaking, one-week of sweet potatoes leaves in our dinner plates is more than enough. No matter how much we love sweet potatoes leaves, we are sick of eating the same food everyday. We tried to give away our excess harvests through Facebook but it is a bit hard to keep track of who, when and where.

One day, the idea of creating a platform for barter trade and sharing of excess harvests just popped into our minds! Imagine you have grown plenty of tomatoes and I have one big pot of sweet potatoes leaves. Why don’t we exchange and enjoy the food diversity? We have also come across people who are looking for homegrown foods such as Black Face General which is not commonly found in supermarket. There is no channel accessing homegrown produce.

E-Farmer Market is a community marketplace for people to share or trade their excess harvests and to locate homegrown foods at their fingertips. We hope you enjoy using this platform and we welcome feedback to serve you and the community better.


We aim to create a world where food can be harvested right here in your home and neighbourhood.


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