The crash course combines both Moon Gardening Level I and Level II. Transitioning into second half of year, it is essential to reconnect the Self with Nature, asking support and guidance from Mother Gaia, whether to reaffirm your resolutions or even to kick start any new projects.


The existence of plants are here to support the growth of Earth, as an important source of food, energy and healing properties to many beings on Earth. In the web of life, not only Sun that plays an important role in the growth of Nature, Moon and Zodiacal constellations are also contributing to the evolution of Earth; and all of these can be observed from the life in Plant kingdom. As one of the oldest alchemist on Earth, they carried the intelligence of the nature four elements (earth/ roots, water, fire/ warmth, air/ light).

Not to forget the elemental beings from Elemental kingdom, different elements are supported by the fundamental four different groups of elemental beings. The nature of four elements exist in everything and everywhere; they are the basis of all life to be manifested on earth.

What is Moon Gardening?

First of all, it is not gardening at night. It is about practicing conscious gardening following the nature rhythm of moon cycles. For example when to sow seeds so the seeds germinate quicker, which day within the moon cycle to harvest the fruits so it is more juicier and contains higher vitality and many more other benefits.

What is unique about Moon Gardening?

Moon gardening involves a certain level of consciousness and understanding of nature, it opens up one self into another way of living. Your gardening life would be more lively and fun!


– How our ancestors grow food and live their life in Nature guided by the phases of Moon.
– In what way plants respond to Moon cycles and how Moon plays an important role on Earth.
– In depth on types of plants to grow in different Moon phases.
– How does plants respond to various constellations in relates to the movement of Moon.
– How does the four elements of Nature being translated in the Plant kingdom and how it relates to our physical and energetic well being.
– Guidance on various gardening activities in a Moon cycle, following the movement of Moon in twelve (12) zodiacal constellations.
– Four different groups from the elementals kingdom and their relationship with the growth of plants.
– Practical session to involve conscious act of seeds sowing and experiencing technique of transplanting plant seedlings.

Course materials include notes, moon gardening calendar, seed packet, growing container, plant seedlings and nutritious mixed soil. Highly recommended for beginners, practicing gardeners or farmers who wish to expand your relationship with Plant kingdom.

Course Info:

Date: 13th October, 2018 (Saturday)
Time: 10am to 1:30pm
Venue: Somerset/ River Valley area (exact location to be notified once payment is made)
Facilitator: Khim Joe
Contact us at +6593215821 or
Course Fee: $190 (inclusive course materials and refreshments)
*early bird registration before 7th October to enjoy a special rate at $168 OR bring a friend to enjoy $168 for each person

Please take note that payment to be made upon registration to secure your seats. Only 20 seats are available!


“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings” –

Masanobu Fukuoka

About the Workshop Facilitator, Khim Joe

Khim Joe started her journey working with plants in the year 2007 when she was pursuing her undergraduate degree in the field of Landscape Architecture. She attended her first Permaculture Design Course in 2010 and the experience changes her view on life since then. Graduating from university, she started her career as horticulturist in a local developer maintaining and managing indoor and outdoor landscape.

After 3 years of exploring in landscape operation and management fields, she decided to further expand her vision in landscape consultancy field. During the 2 years of working in consultancy firm, struggling between the choices of fulfilling the needs of society in commercial landscape and her own sense of fulfillment, she decided to quit from working in commercial landscape consultancy firm and joined a social enterprise promoting urban farming movement. There she started to gain clarity in what she wants to focus on.

As a profession, she is a Permaculture Landscape Architect. It seems to her that many of issues that exist today is a result of the lost connection with Nature. She felt it very strongly that the existence of nature spirits, plants and the elemental beings are here to support the growth of humanity. In 2017, she founded Children of Soil for this purpose.

Her works involve working with Gaia’s consciousness, especially the plants and elementals kingdom to uplift a given space, thus invoking the self-healing ability within the given space. She also focus on using plants as food medicine to promote individuals’ well being physically and spiritually. She is currently exploring bio-dynamic farming and natural way of farming with the passion to revitalize the soil through growing food for all. Working with Nature helps to attune our self back to our Nature self

Services available:

♦ Productive Foodscape in a small scale within home
♦ Large scale Productive Foodscape
♦ Specially designed Productive Foodscape Education Program for different communities
♦ Soil remediation

Key features of Productive Foodscape
♦ Sustainable green solutions include greywater system, rainwater harvesting, composting system, and livestocks
♦ Selected plants species both benefits the environment and consumers
♦ Incorporating the four elements to restore the balance of ecosystem within the give space
♦ Guided gardening activities /program following the rhythm of Nature (Moon cycles)


Khim Joe’s Moon Gardening workshop brings back to consciousness our long forgotten connection with the plant kingdom and nature. She facilitates the restoration of conscious relationship with plants and helps us remember that we were a civilization that learnt from plants. A really simple yet deeply enlightening workshop not to mention fun. A workshop for everyone as we all have our own inner gardens to tend to. ~ By Laavenia Ramasegar

Creating an edible garden at home is no longer just a dream. I am deeply grateful to Khim Joe for her Moon Gardening workshop that has enlightened us about simple yet profound ways to grow our own food and live consciously as one with nature! My family are joyful to reap what we sow and share the harvest with others from our garden now. Thanks Khim Joe! ~ By Choon Ai, Tan

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